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What's In A Name? When you are expecting a baby there are a lot of details to take care of - the nursery, a car seat, bottles, sleepers, and burp cloths. The most important detail, which will have the greatest impact on this new life, will be the name that you pick for your child. Everyone has a suggestion for your baby's name - a family name (Don't you just love Mildred?), a trendy name (How about Brentlyn?), or time-tested classics (John Jr. will be perfect). Is that all the choices you have for this important decision? That is where we come in. Baby Name Network provides expectant parents an expansive database of baby names, meanings, and origins to help you find the perfect moniker for your newborn.

Baby Name Network grew out of the desire to find an extensive resource for locating baby names. Oh sure, there are plenty of baby name web sites our there, but Baby Name Network boasts one of the largest databases of baby names, meanings, and origins. Over the years, we have also added many features to our site to help you with preparations for the arrival of your new bundle of joy and we deliver all this content in a fun, funky and contemporary package. This is not your mamma's baby name site. Where else can you find baby names, a pregnancy calendar, e-announcements, a baby name message board and a shop full of baby products all in one place?

We hope you enjoy your time spent at the Baby Name Network website. We always encourage feedback on how we can make this site better and more useful. If you have any suggestions or corrections, click here to contact us.

Congratulations on your new baby and happy baby name hunting!

The Baby Name Network Team
Aaron - Exalted. Aaron was the brother of Moses in the Bible.
Afton - River name
Jennifer - Fair and soft. Also a variation of Guinevere.
Joe - God shall add. Nickname of Joseph.

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